HP Envy 5642 HP Printer Setup

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HP Envy 5642 HP Printer Setup

The easy method of HP Envy 5642 HP Printer Setup

If you purchase a new HP printer, the 1st set up will be done by the HP printer authorities. But in case you need to set it up again, for numerous troubles, you can get the idea here. The process is quite easy, and you can easily do it on your own.

If you purchase the Envy 5642, from any HP outlet, you can get professional set up by the HP authorities, and that too, at free of cost. They will come to your house, set up the printer for you, and will do a test print in front of you, in order to show you that the printer is working perfectly. It is advisable that you go for the professional set up process, as it can also help the HP authorities know the problems, if the printer has any.

Doing alone

But in case you want to reallocate to a new place, or you want to do the HP Envy 5642 HP Printer Setup alone, you can easily do that. You will have to unbox the printer at first, keep it at a suitable place. After you do that, you will have to plug the printer to any power source, or the UPS. Next, you should connect the printer to your computer or laptop, via USB cable, or any other interface, your printer comes with.


In case you are having a wireless printer, the process is completely different, and the HP Envy 5642 also supports that. After you connect the printer to your computer, it is a time that you switch on the computer and the printer. Once it boots up, you have to install the printer driver from the disk, which is an important part of Envy 5642 HP Printer Setup. After that, the printer is ready to use, and try to print out any document check whether it is properly working.